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Lovee M. Watts is living a very colorful life! She is a licensed Attorney, Adjunct Professor, certified Plant-Based Health Coach, Ordained Elder, and Empowerment Speaker. The one thing that binds all her passions together is her love for God’s people and ability to reach and teach. Lovee understands that accountability is such an important tool to possess as we journey through life. Her vibrant demeanor and expertise illuminate others, empowering them to achieve their life goals.

Lovee, The Plant-Based Health Coach, has been living a plant-based lifestyle for over 20 years.  She later realized that her choice to be proactive rather than reactive with her health, was not only a “Good Decision” but it was a “GOD decision.”  Her personal health choice has had a positive ripple effect on her husband, kids, family, and friends alike. The seeds planted many years ago has led to the Divine Harvest that she is experiencing currently. She is challenging the Christian community to perform what she likes to call “spiritual health checks” on themselves, so that they can do everything that God has called them to do. She knows that it is her calling to help the church “GET IN FORMATION” and recognize how their spiritual life and physical body are interrelated and intimately connected. As a Plant-Based Health Coach, Lovee desires to help you renovate your temple. Through empowerment and self-discipline, a shift in mindset takes place, and you began to honor God with your Temple. Let Coach Lovee help you achieve your Divine Harvest.

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